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  • Methods to verify wooden composite door
  • date:2015/12/25click:5349
  •          The door core of wooden composite door was made from pinewood, cedarwood or imported filling materials with density board and solid wood veneer outside. Afterwards, it is processed with high-temperature hot processing and sealed with solid wood linellae. Ordinarily, the door core of superior wooden composite gate is high quality spurce that is processed with solid wooden veneer on the surface. Because of low density, light weight and moisture content that can be easily controlled, the finished doors usually are light, and won’t deform of crack easily. Besides, wooden composite door has great performances regarding to heat preservation, impact resistance, and inflaming retarding. Moreover, it has similar sound insulation as solid wooden door.

            The solid wooden composite doors are diversified in shape and design, those doors either are carved with European pattern or classic Chinese pattern or fashion modern patterns, different decoration designs have provided more space for the consumer’s selection, so those doors are also known as solid wooden modeling door. Superior wooden composite doors are not only smooth in hand feeling, bright in color, but also environmental, solid and endurable. Meanwhile, this kind of doors won’t crack easily and belong to middle and high-standard products.

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